Is India Heading Towards Intolerance?


India is a secular nation exhibiting diversity in every aspect of life. Lately this secularist nature of our enormous country is questionable with mishaps such as doctors, bureaucrats, lawyers and teachers being beaten down by mobs. Such incidents are reported in certain parts of the country, but with careful analysis it is evident that the intensity and magnitude has grown quite exponentially in the last few years. The growing sense of “being superior” to others – be it a small group, community or caste is directly resulting in the breakdown of our system.

Despite being an independent and open minded person, the irony is that I find it difficult to truly revoke or oppose the existing intolerance. At times, the very mocked and contempt intolerance could be justified. Let us consider the cases where separatist’s and their views are opposed by certain people. But again, the act of professionals or yet-to-be-proven-corrupt officials holding government positions are humiliated and beaten is unacceptable and unjustifiable. Such scary circumstances undoubtedly question my security and raise my concerns about the law and order of my country.

We live in an imperfect world with its own good and bad. With such transparent global imperfections, how can we expect the system to be perfect. How can you look forward to the health system to function smoothly, the Judiciary to deliver verdicts with promptness and justice. If you are in the path of ignoring this raw fact, you are likely to be lost. We belong to the forth coming generation of a nascent country constantly striving to establish our hallmark universally; our actions must be build on rationale and sensible logical grounds. Every step or decision we make; every foolish action we take, retreats us towards the medieval bigotry; back to being that country never to escape the alms of poverty, a country to be walked upon and looked down on.

If we are to uphold intolerance, let us be intolerant:

• to the filthiness and adulteration of our own neighbourhood
• to gender based inequality, oppression, hatred and crimes
• to the hypocrisy and corruptions of the system
• to deprivation of rights and values and many more.

I do not wish to preach or blame the system, but wishes to express my thoughts. I wish to be loud, I wish to be heard. I believe as an individual, recognition is the first step of change. As the saying goes every drop of water can make the mighty ocean. Every little voices together would be heard one day.

Be bold, be intolerant to a legitimate cause. Let us not embrace violence.
Vande Mataram (meaning I bow to thee, Mother)


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